Friday, November 8, 2013

How Do You Love?

Love DoctorLove Doctor by Benson Okenwa Ndaji

Love relationships must exist and it is what makes life go round. Without love there will be no life.
But sometimes you see these love relationships crashing. It is not uncommon to see marriage or love relationships crashing or in crisis--marriages that had hitherto been aflame with love, but after a short or long time start to go down the ‘drains’. You see spouses being at loggerheads with each other. Sometimes they begin to regret having got married to each other.

The reason for this is that many spouses lack the knowledge of how to love and be loved, how to maintain love and how to express love.
It is very clear that every achievement has a principle that was followed in making the achievement successful. Therefore to maintain a long lasting relationship in marriage, there are principles that should be followed. That is what this Book is all about.

These tips apply to all serious love relationships between men and women.
Read, enjoy and recommend this Book to your friends and loved ones.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011



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Tuesday, June 21, 2011



  The Malibu professional teeth whitening products contains the only 3-step tooth whitening kit that immediately lifts and prevents stains without teeth bleaching or cosmetic teeth whitening.

In fact, you will see a visible difference in how much whiter your teeth are the first day you use Malibu Tooth whitening system.  And you don’t need to take any more time out of your day to experience these results…you simply can replace your current toothpaste and mouth wash.  
What separates Malibu from any other professional teeth whitening products is our patented and clinically demonstrated active ingredient: Poly(P) which was developed over years of research by doctors at Stanford University.

The science is simple: the bond between Poly(P) and a tooth’s surface is much stronger than that of any stain. Once applied, this “mesh-type polyphosphate” adheres strongly to your teeth, lifting out existing stains, forming a protective coating for several hours, and preventing new stain deposits.
Say goodbye to using messy strips or cheap teeth bleaching trays that can take up to an hour out of your day and only give you short-term tooth whitening results and can cause sensitivity and pain.  With MalibuBright®, you can whiten your teeth anytime, anywhere and in just minutes...
Poly(P) is 100% natural and contains NO teeth bleaching agents, making it the only teeth whitening & teeth brightening ingredients that produces superior results and is safe for daily use.   With MalibuBright® you get three Poly(P) professional teeth whitening products that work and you will benefit from both the immediate and long-term guaranteed whitening results that leave you with a more attractive smile.

Deeply polishes teeth and removes stains evenly without teeth bleaching agents that can irritate and cause sensitivity. Apply this tooth whitening gel with your tooth brush and use it like your regular toothpaste.  You will see visible results within the first use and each additional use. You can't compare the results you will receive with the Poly(P) Gel to any other "teeth whitener toothpaste," and you will most likely not use another toothpaste again after you experience these results.   To be used after brushing, the Poly(P) Brightening Rinse delivers the protective coating to teeth that prevent stains you encounter throughout the day from substances like coffee, tea, food, cigarettes and more. It also freshens breath by helping to remove organic material and bacteria that cause bad breath.  Most people replace their mouth wash with this teeth brightening Rinse...but it can be used in addition to mouth wash if preferred.  It is an important way to ensure a healthy coating of Poly(P) before you start your day.   We provide this portable and convenient spray so that wherever you are, you can be getting your teeth whitened by instantly lifting coffee, tobacco, tea, and wine stains that have accumulated throughout the day. Keep this little bottle in your bag, the car or your desk at work to instantly brighten teeth after meals. You will literately see the teeth whitening results with each use...that's the power of Poly(P)